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    VLOOKUP Made Me Feel Like A Superhero!!!

    VLOOKUP was one of the first functions I learned. As I began using it, I felt like a superhero!

    VLOOKUP searches for specific data in a data table. VLOOKUP can be static or dynamic.

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    Cookies I shape “freehand”, end up looking like science fiction experiments gone bad. Excel cookie cutters (aka Templates) ensure that your presentations are more appealing, consistent and will save time.

    Dating Isn’t Really That Hard!

    My darling bride’s definition of “a first date” was getting dressed up and having a lousy time. That is, until she met…

    Speed Up Your Opening!

    At times when opening Excel, you don’t want to go thru templates or trek down the memory lane of previously saved files.


    Ever wished Excel could speak to you? Instead of seeking professional help and stronger medications, I propose you look (listen) to this!

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